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Trace Existence

July 31, 2014 - Sometimes all it takes is being alone in a field of grass with nature all around to make you feel at peace. We often find our lives consumed with the hustle of daily life and it takes a trip to our happy place to find our center. I don't have to pack too long or travel too far to find my reason for being. My backyard is a wonderland of mystery just waiting to be explored. I may never be anything more than someone you once knew. My only hope is that a piece of me remains to be explored long after I am gone.

I often wonder why I have been placed on this earth. Is it to carry a gun so that you can feel safe and free? I have done that. Is it to change an infinite number of watch batteries so that you can make it to work on time? I have done that too. Or is it to simply capture a moment so that you can experience something you may never see from a side of the planet I have never been? In time the gun will be replaced with something more advanced and the watch battery will be long since expired. My ticket will have been punched, but I hope the life I lived will remain for others to experience for eternity. That is the power of a camera!!!

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