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Maui Sunset

January 25, 2015 - Sometimes you just happen to pick the right place at the right time. On one of the last nights we were in Maui, I decided to go shoot the sunset from this park. I had been looking at it all week and thought that it was a perfect spot but I had to wait for the perfect time. The clouds were just perfect for a great sunset so I told my wife it was time to go. She opted to hit up the three corners bar area while I was taking care of business. The plan was to join her when I was finished. After I got some compositions that I liked, I decided to join my wife for a nice dinner. We listened to a local artist on the back deck of the restaurant. It was a perfect ending to another great day in paradise. We are so blessed to get the opportunity to take this vacation. One that I will remember for the rest of my life.